Free Download Cake Maker – Cooking games 4.0.0 Modded Apk

Download Cake Maker – Cooking games Mod Unlimited Apk.

Free Download Cake Maker – Cooking games 4.0.0 Modded Apk

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Description of Cake Maker – Cooking games on playstore :

Everyone especially girls and kids love the cake, but can you make it by yourself?
With the free fun game–cake maker story, you can definitely make many kinds of cakes such as cupcakes, wedding cake, and baby cake by yourself;
you can also add some decoration to your cake and make it very beautiful, and sell them in your bakery.
In this game you have to prepare a cake for your friend’s birthday. We are not so good in making cakes, so we need you. The cake will have three floors and each floor and cream you will have to choose or what bakery items to put on it. First, you must choose the cake base. You can choose a countertop made of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. After you choose the cake dough, you must choose the preferred model on which we put on the cake, polka dots, twigs, ice crystal, crown or necklace of hearts. After choosing the model you have to choose and cream to put on this wonderful cake. You can choose between different creams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or orange. Still you need to put them and some balls of whipped cream: strawberry with whipped cream, dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberry white chocolate raspberries or cherries. Now you have finished the cake base and you must make the second floor.
Want to have something nice? Come on, create and decorate one with our Cake cooking ,We all love delicious sweet cake. Plus, It’s a lot of fun making one. But, we also know it’s not always that easy. With a little mistake made, your kitchen will be turned into a mess.

About 20 kinds of cakes that you could make:

1. Cheese Cake
2. Cake Pops

3. Cup Cake

4. Donut

5. Brownie

6. Frozen Yogurt

7. Strawberry Cake

8. Orange Cake

9. Mango Cake

10. Matcha Cake

11. Dark Chocolate Cake

12. Chocolate Chips Cake

13. Strawberry Chocolate Cake

14. Orange Chocolate Cake

15. Milk Chocolate Cake

16. White Chocolate Cake

17. Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

18. Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

19. Mango Ice Cream Cake

20. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Cake Maker – Cooking games 4.0.0 mod screenshots 1
Cake Maker – Cooking games 4.0.0 mod screenshots 1

Information about Cake Maker – Cooking games APK

App name : Cake Maker – Cooking games
Playstore app id :
App Version : 4.0.0
System requirement : Android 4.0+
Last update : 2017-12-25
Installation : 1,000,000+
App Rating :
Vote Count : 5291
App Category : Arcade
Download link of Cake Maker – Cooking games :

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