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◆七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦 : グラクロの紹介◆

・ 累計発行部数3000万部!人気コミック『七つの大罪』の世界を3Dグラフィックで完全再現!
・ アニメ原作の人気声優陣によるフルボイス収録、新規ボイスまで!
・ アニメを知らなくても200%楽しめる、シネマティック演出と戦略的なバトルを堪能せよ!
・ <NieR>シリーズで有名な音楽プロデューサー岡部啓一・MONACAによるゲームオリジナルの新規書き下ろし楽曲

◆七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦 : グラクロの特徴◆

▼ 原作の世界観を徹底的に再現

▼ オリジナルコスチュームのキャラ

▼ スキルによるバトルシステム

▼ 仲間と共闘する殲滅戦


▼ ARで現実と融合する個性豊かなキャラクター

– ゲーム内のAR機能の利用に必要な権限で、ARキャラクターと一緒に写真撮影をするためには該当権限が必要となります。



『七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦 : グラクロ』の最新情報やキャンペーンを確認しよう!




I have seen this RPG! ?
Cinematic adventure RPG to enjoy with high quality 3D animation!

The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness

・ Cumulative circulation 30 million copies! Completely reproduce the world of the popular comic “The Seven Deadly Sins” with 3D graphics!
・ Full voice recording by popular voice actors of anime original, to new voice!
・ Enjoy cinematic effects and strategic battles that you can enjoy 200% without knowing anime!
・ Newly written music of the game original by music producer Keiichi Okabe famous for series ・ MONACA

The Seven Deadly Sins The Battle of Light and Darkness

▼ Reproduce the original worldview thoroughly
Fully reproduce the Britannia continent with high quality 3D! The holy war ended 3000 years ago begins again!
Original story reproduced in cinematic 3D graphics!
New recording voice by original animation voice actor group!
Challenge the Holy War with the characters of “The Seven Deadly Sins”!

▼ Character of the original costume
You can wear your favorite costume!
Original costumes that can only be seen in the game also appear!
Don’t miss the new figure of the Seven Deadly Sins!

▼ Battle system by skill
New concept strategy battle using skills!
Rank up to powerful skills by arranging the same skills!
Strategically assemble the order of activation and movement of skills, etc., and immediately overthrow your opponent with your special move!

▼ Abolish battle with fellows
Let’s defeat the boss attacking the village with your friends!
It is a challenge to the real-time multi-competitive content “disruption battle” enjoyed by two people.
Collaborate with fellows within the time limit to defeat the boss and protect the kingdom!

Come on, let’s start your own Britannia adventure.

▼ Distinctive character fused with reality in AR
It also has an AR function that allows you to take photos in various poses with your favorite characters.
Use the AR function to dance with dynamic characters and shoot videos with them.

-With the authority required to use the AR function in the game, the corresponding authority is required to take a picture with the AR character.

-Necessary to save photo and video data

-Supported specifications: Android 4.4 or later, Ram 3 GB
※ Even if the compatible terminal conditions are met, it may not operate normally depending on the status of the terminal or the status of the installed application.

Let’s check the latest information and campaign of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness: Grachiro’!

※ This game can be played free of charge, but some paid items are available.

【Official site】

【Official Twitter】

[Terms of service]
[privacy policy] ”
 - ネットマーブル決済認証の失敗でゲームが正常に起動出来ない問題の修正
 - 料理のクエストが正常に受注出来ない問題の修正
 - その他の不具合修正

1.0.72 mod screenshots 1
1.0.72 mod screenshots 1

Information about 七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦 : グラクロ APK

App name : 七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦 : グラクロ
Playstore app id : com.netmarble.nanatsunotaizai
App Version : 1.0.72
System requirement : Android 4.4+
Last update : 2019-06-13
Installation : 100,000+
App Rating : 9.6
Vote Count : 23650
App Category : Role Playing
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